Hello! Welcome to our blog. Green Leaf BBQ is a small business that wanted to take a fresh approach to the old ways of backyard cooking. Owned by Carrie Brunelle. Green Leaf BBQ it is a company built on thoughtful products, local inputs and new ideas. With east coast influences meeting west coast ideas, they come together to create a fusion of innovative products, new directions and a great way to look at barbecue.

Meet the Authors:

Hello, I’m Carrie. I grew up along the east coast living in several places from coastal Maine, Boston, to Providence Rhode Island. With a degree in product design, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and can’t stand “gimmicks” or anything that is not practical or thoughtfully designed. I love the outdoors and the idea of being sustainable. There is no better way to save money, eat thoughtfully, and reduce your impact on this planet then to maintain your own food source. Growing a garden, no matter the size, helps reduce packaging waste and trips to the market while encouraging you to be creative in the kitchen or your backyard. Green Leaf BBQ was established to bring the community together by hosting events with our neighbors, and creating awareness of fresh, local choices and great barbecue. Together, Tim and I will bring you new and unique recipes & tips on how to create a fresh barbecue meal with seasonal ingredients. At Green Leaf BBQ, you will find the tools to take your backyard cooking to a new level.

I’m Tim, I work for Green Leaf BBQ as the General Manager & BBQ Chef. I was raised on the central coast of California, the son of a Strawberry farming family. We were always outside either drinking the wines that came from the same surrounding area, or just plain working. We wear boots, jeans and hats – no white aprons or name tags & fancy titles. I guess probably not the Californians that many think us to be. I learned to barbecue over the coals, smoke and flames of the wood that our California Oak trees provided. I didn’t even know there was a name for this unique style of barbecue back then. Now, we know this as Santa Maria Style BBQ, a style that is passed down within families generationally. To the central California locals, it is religious, in the same way that other significant barbecue cultures are to their followers. This is where I learned to barbecue.

I had the fortune of learning from two “Old School” pit masters of the Santa Maria Style BBQ. I learned that the fire was ready when a beer bottle melted in the coals. I learned that Garlic, Salt & Pepper were actually ‘delivered by the Gods’ for our use. I fed many people the famous Tri-Tip, Rib Eye Steaks or Rosemary Chicken. I learned that in order to achieve great barbecue, a pit boss must be detailed in every pursuit…”bark-it but don’t burn it” was what I was told. Steak at 700-800 degrees is a magical experience not for the faint. Part of this is achieved in sweat, stinging eyes, singed arm hairs & long barbecue tools welded to the ends of old golf club shafts. This was my education. The lessons were often as rough and rugged as the surrounding landscape, taught by men who were tough and focused on absolute barbecue perfection.

From these roots, We move into other types of barbecue, pursuing other styles with equal dedication. We learned through traveling, that barbecue can create a powerful connection between people who have never met – we’re not that different at all. This IS why Green Leaf BBQ exists. To bring people together around home, gardens, kitchens and barbecue grills.

Green Leaf BBQ supports healthy competition, exchange of ideas, supporting other quality products from the barbecue culture, pushing the accepted flavor and temperature boundaries, protecting our Earth’s resources in our cooking methods and having a blast with new and old friends.