This is a Caribbean style Jerk BBQ Rub – and it’s a good one. I’ve just tried it on chicken and thought I’d pass along what I did.

I make a brine out of it first…

1/2 Gallon Water
1 -4lb. Chicken, Whole
6 Tbsp – The Jerk
4 Tbsp -Light Brown Sugar

Let the chicken sit for 4 hours then pull it out & dry it off. Season with more The Jerk and wait until it melts into the meat. Remember to use the smallest container possible to brine your meats – less water means more intense results.

Grill or BBQ at 275F to 325F until done.
Remove the chicken from the cooker when the breast temps 160F

I’ll be experimenting more with this BBQ Rub in the future, but for now it will be a top choice for flavor packed chicken.