Picanha has been used for centuries in South American BBQ.  The roast  is cut from the rump cap of the Top sirloin.  It is traditionally served in Rodizo style churrascarias (steak house) where they cook these roasts on a large sword like skewer. Pieces are then cut off of the skewer at the table directly onto a diners plate.

This roast has a very distinctive beefy flavor and tenderness indicative of many cuts of sirloin. It can be cooked similarly to a Tri-Tip roast over direct or indirect heat. It is best served when there are some grill marks on the meat side and the opposing fat cap has rendered nicely.  Consider this option next time you are looking for a great roast to cook for up to 5 people. Each roast weighs approximately 3 lbs.

Here are a few notes from my cook:


(Basic Argentine Style Seasoning)
Coat the roast in Olive Oil.
Squeeze lime juice on the roast.
Season with Sea salt.
Let salt melt into meat prior to cooking.

Set cooker to 350-400F direct/or indirect heat. I used a Large BGE with a cast iron grate
Sear meat side first then flip to fat side for duration of the cook.
Remove from cooker when internal temp reaches 135F
Rest for 15 minutes